Books and Hydrangea Centrepiece – Testing Testing

So, my wedding date is set and it is next year, on 14th December.
That means, my blog gonna be, hmm, sort of influenced by it.

But don’t worry, I won’t be posting photos of tons of wedding gowns that I want to buy and stuff like that.
You can expect DIY wedding things thou since we are planning to do all the flowers, centrepieces, invites by ourselves.
A bit ambitious you may say, but hey, I’ve still got about a year and we only have about 50 guests.

Anyway, we are having a book-themed wedding, since we both love reading and we already have gorgeous books to use as centrepieces.

Here is what we’ve come up with.

IMG_2307 watermarkWe will have 5 tall candles around it to set the mood. But we haven’t got the candle holders or candle yet to try.
I’m very happy with this centrepiece thou!

And just look at the hydrangeas!

IMG_2309 watermarkOur wedding is blue-themed too, so we are getting blue hydrangeas. This stem is very pale blue, but I am really hoping to get deeper ones.

If you are wondering about the cost, this one stem costs me $7, from Norwood Flower Market, Adelaide.

IMG_2312 watermarkSo how do you like it? (:

If you’re already married, what were your centrepieces at the wedding?
If you’re not, what is your dream wedding centrepiece?



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