Koala Spotted in Adelaide!

IMG_2078 copy1

Me and my fiancé took another long walk along Torrens River today, and guess what we found?!
A cute koala, just sleeping in a eucalyptus tree. I was so surprised, since I’ve never seen one in the wild and I didn’t expect to see one so close to the populated areas too.

Here’s a picture of him sleeping, before it got woken up by the noises that I made as I tried to get a good shot.
This photo is pretty bad because of the back-lighting, but I just have to share it because he looks so cute just cuddling there like that.

IMG_2072 copy

And just one more photo of this cutie after he woke up from his sleep.
A few dogs bark and I think that was what woke him up actually. He was watching me as I took photos but he didn’t seem to be bothered by me at all. My fiancé was keeping a distance so that we don’t scare this little guy.

IMG_2085 copy



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