Confucius Tower | Chinese Garden Singapore

IMG_1884 copy

I had my second last paper of the final exams today and it was on World Religion.
I think it is quite fitting to share this photo today because before taking this module, I didn’t even know Confucianism is studied as a one of the religions by scholars.

It’s quite fascinating to me, since I always regarded Confucius as a philosopher.
I learnt a lot about him too, although I was quite offended by his views on females.
My fiancé joked that he probably had a bad break-up, so he didn’t get women in general and didn’t like them either..
I had a good laugh!

Putting that aside, I really like this tower at Chinese Garden. You can see it from Chinese Garden MRT station.
In fact, I took this photo right outside from the station using maximum zoom, of course.

It is even more beautiful on the ground level with really cool stairway and beautiful plants.
But I didn’t managed to get a good snap of it. May be next time.



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