Chinese Garden Singapore | Depth of Field

IMG_1898 copy

Taken on 16th November at Chinese Garden, Singapore.
It was a  very overcast day and it was actually drizzling a bit, but I pushed my way around the garden and managed to take some photos that I like. (:

I am quite happy with the depth of field that I achieved in this photo. I always thought it is close to impossible to take this kind with my camera, since its widest aperture is only f/3.4.

I watched an awesome video on YouTube and realized that all I could actually create nice depth of field, even with my bridge camera.
Here is the link to the video: Bokeh on Budget.

I hope you enjoy it and be sure to visit the Chinese Garden when you are in Singapore.
It is a beautiful place, very peaceful and away from all those high-rise buildings.
And it is only 2 stops away from my place! (:



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